Welcome to the World of Lanelay Hall


Not just a word but a way of life for the team at Lanelay Hall Hotel & Spa.  Sophisticated, Sassy and Vivacious is our standard and what we deliver in copious amounts!

In response to our growing and discerning clientele, forever enquiring what we are up to next, how they can book, what’s new, what’s coming next and how they can get in first, we are adding in a great newsy blog page to our website.

We aim to keep to keep you updated on everything exciting we do, giving you the opportunity to participate in everything we do, enjoy our delicious new seasonal menus, try our colourful and lavish cocktails, chill out with our superlative Spa experiences and embrace our distinct and extraordinary calendar of events.

Loving Lanelay Hall Hotel & Spa is a way of life for our fun loving, professional and expert team, we get to know our guests and welcome them as family, we will save your favourite table, we will remember your favourite drink, and of course we love to call you by your name, making sure that every visit is as vibrant, personal and individual as you are.



Anything you want to know more about? Anything you’d like to learn about?  Anything you’d like to ask your favourite member of the team?  Let us know, we‘d love an interactive relationship with you.

Tell us if you’d like to be added to our VIP listing and we will let you have preview info on what’s coming up.

Meanwhile, follow us on social media, we will post all of our blogs here, then you can be sure you’ll never miss out on a nugget of Lanelay Hall life!