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Our story

An exquisite Victorian manor


Where it all began


Dating back to 1873 Lanelay Hall is a Victorian mansion in the heart of South Wales in Talbot Green, on the west side of the River Ely. The Hall is situated on the eastern base of the Garth Maelwg mountain (known locally as the Smaelwg) with its green slopes and wooded pine trees.

Over the years, Lanelay Hall has been home to a succession of well-heeled gentry families, often hosting special events and impressive family celebrations.

Early history and the genealogies tell us that the heiress of Pantygorred in Pentrych, Pant Lech, Coed Philip Ffranc, Bryn Rhydd in Llantrisant once lived in the original house…if you can say such a sentence after your relaxing stay, you know you are truly at one with Lanelay Hall!

Fast forward to 2017, Lanelay Hall has under gone extensive renovations, culminating in a wonderful venue with unique facilities for all to experience whether it be business or pleasure, or an exclusive member.

Lanelay’s management are passionate about providing an outstanding personal service for all who come and indulge in the Lanelay Hall experience.